Healing, Peace and Strength

I saw my friend James yesterday. A close family member is very ill. James is exceedingly anxious. Their family future is uncertain. He asked me to pray 3 things for him and his family – healing, peace and strength.

Healing… Earlier this week I spoke to my brother Bryan. Nearly 30 years ago he had cancer. We didn’t know if he would survive. We prayed; the doctors operated; his body responded; he had further treatment; he’s still alive and fit today.

We need healing from… illnesses and conditions of the body… past trauma of the mind… continuing stress and depression… our fears and failures… broken relationships… unbroken addictions…

Peace… Last Thursday was Margaret’s funeral. About 45 years ago Ivan and Janet had their first baby who cried all the time. Parents were anxious, baby was distressed. Margaret, the district midwife, visited. She identified the problem. By her skills, character and actions she brought peace to both anxious parents and distressed baby.

We need peace in… our homes, work-places, churches… our schools, hospitals, police force… parliament, Ireland, Ukraine… our minds, hearts, spirits…

Strength… Three weeks ago we went to our friend Robin’s funeral. We remembered a good man and a good life. He had asked his wife Beryl to write and read the tribute to his life. Beryl did an excellent job, showing courage, resilience and strength.

We need strength when… those around us are struggling… we feel the weight of responsibility… we have difficult decisions to make… life is tough and we’re barely coping.

Musing… on friends I’ve seen this week… Derek’s financial problems and decisions to make… Roger’s bipolar disorder and past addictions… Bill, bereaved, living alone… Graham, worried by an undiagnosed illness… Jack, unable to work because of his physical and mental condition… Jane, wondering if she should train for a new job…   

Healing, peace and strength is a good and fitting prayer for James… and for Derek, Roger, Bill, Graham, Jack and Jane… and me.

2 thoughts on “Healing, Peace and Strength

  1. Thank you, Malcolm, for such wise words – healing, peace and strength are so important in our every day lives👍🙏🏻


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