The Process of Change

On last night’s news:

New Zealand dropped many of its pandemic border restrictions; Muslim communities were celebrating Eid; UK chickens, kept inside because of bird flu, are given their freedom.

Each of the stories suggested a similar framework  

  1. Restrictions – New Zealand have been operating strict travel restrictions; faithful Muslims have fasted through Ramadan; ‘flockdown’ has contained avian flu.
  2. Dramatic change – visitors can now enter New Zealand; Muslims break their fast; chickens are freed!
  3. Joy – Families were re-united in New Zealand; Muslims celebrated with food and parties; chicken farmers are getting back to ‘normal’. (Chickens are pleased too!)
  4. Continuing Care – New Zealand will still be vigilant about Covid; faithful Muslims will still be true to their faith; chicken keepers must still keep their birds healthy.
  5. Uncertain future – Covid is still a danger; Muslims may be unfaithful; bird flu may return.

Musing… Tolstoy said: ‘Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing themselves.’

Self-changes… coming out of addiction, restoring a relationship, getting married, career change, conversion to a faith…

2 examples using this pattern…

Derek has financial problems:

  1. Restrictions – He’s in debt and can’t see a way out.
  2. Change – He makes radical decisions… cuts up his credit cards, decides new priorities, adopts a strict budget.
  3. Joy – He’s happy, relieved; things are now under control.
  4. Care – He must constantly, carefully monitor his spending.
  5. Uncertainty – He can’t be sure that he won’t have future financial challenges or that his resolve will hold.

Jesus calling his disciples to follow him:

  1. Restrictions – They were living ordinary lives.
  2. Change – Jesus says leave your old lives; follow me
  3. Joy – They were really pleased to follow him
  4. Care – Each day they had to learn to live out the Jesus faith
  5. Uncertainty – Their new faith raised many questions… they didn’t know what the future would hold.

Musing… Changes I need to make? The process of that change…

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