Living Through Uncertainty

Picture: Hannah Moreira

Norwich City won yesterday, beating Burnley 2-0.

For many it’s too little too late. We’re still bottom of the Premiership doomed for relegation. Victory has done little to improve our chances of survival…

But for the optimists there’s belief… the players showed skill and determination… battled… ‘put their bodies on the line’… while there’s life there’s hope. Anything’s possible.

Divided opinion…uncertainty

Yesterday… Chatting to Veronica. Her husband’s having a scan this week. He has sclerosis of the liver. They’re not sure what the scan will show…

…Chrissie’s been ill. She has been accepted on a college course for September but isn’t sure that she will be well enough…

…Alan has signed the documents for selling his house but they still haven’t exchanged contracts and haven’t got a moving date…

This morning Emily has a job interview for a possible promotion. She’s anxious…

Typical uncertainties of life…

Yesterday was Palm Sunday with the excitement, the anticipation of the king riding into Jerusalem.

Today’s the Monday of Holy Week. Christians remember Jesus going into the temple, overturning the money changers’ tables. And then there’s the strange story of Jesus cursing the fig tree… A different side of Jesus character?

His followers and friends have seen the powerful Jesus, performing  impressive miracles, the engaging teacher whose stories weren’t always fully understood, the perplexing Jesus who kept saying that he would soon die…

It’s a day of uncertainty, confusion…

I’m renewing my leaking garden pond. On Saturday I drained out much of the water. Fish were given a temporary home. Some frogs and newts in the mud at the bottom were transferred to another pond. Some were left in the remaining shallow water sludge before the final turnout this week.

I fear that I may have brought confusion to fish, frogs and newts… their calm life is disturbed… they’re temporarily homeless. They don’t realise that soon they will have a new, clean, improved home.

From uncertainty… through confusion… to resolution… that’s Easter.

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