Alternative April 1st Celebrations

One year April 1st fell on a Sunday. The gent leading our church service announced: ‘Today is ‘All Fools Day’. Our church has a man for every occasion. Our church secretary will now come forward…’

April Fool’s Day, April 1st, is also a day for many other celebrations including… ‘Kids Yoga Day’, ‘National Atheist Day’, ‘Sourdough Bread Day’, ‘Trombone Players Day’, ‘Walk to Work Day’…

Three particular April 1st celebrations appealed:

Saint Stupid’s Day Parade in San Francisco. The First Church of the Last Laugh celebrates their holy day, honouring Saint Stupid, ‘patron saint of civilizations and parking meters’.

It was founded in the late 1970s with the understanding that one of the unifying bonds in society is stupidity. Parading through the financial district of San Francisco, light heartedly mocking business,the St. Stupid’s Day Parade ‘hops, skips and giggles with drums, noise makers and goofy signage.’

Jump in Muddy Puddles Day. …inspired by Peppa Pig, who loves jumping in muddy puddles with her brother George and her parents Daddy Pig and Mummy Pig…  founded by the ‘Muddy Puddles Project’ that supports children diagnosed with cancer.

This project… urging parents to let their children play outside and jump in muddy puddles… raising funds for paediatric cancer research… was inspired by Ty, a little boy who loved Peppa Pig and dreamed of jumping in muddy puddles when his cancer was cured.

Edible Book Day is an international event where edible books are created, presented, photographed, and consumed. It started in 2000 to commemorate the birthday of the gastronome Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, a French lawyer and politician, famous for his book “Physiologie du goût.”

Today many will celebrate with dishes that represent their favourite books or by creating edible versions of their favourite novels, non-fiction work, or children’s book.

Musing… On the Jesus… ‘chose the foolish things to shame the wise…’ welcomed and blessed children… ’The word become flesh’… ‘the bread of life… He who comes to me will never grow hungry…’

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