The Aerial View – The Big Picture

Yesterday thousands of aerial photographs of East Anglia were released going back many years… giving an overview… life then and now.

Friends reflect on bad choices made… good choices that have worked out badly… unexpected, unpredictable events outside their control… Looking back… the aerial view, the big picture.

Last night on ‘Rock Till We Drop’ two bands of geriatrics took to the big stage at the Isle of Wight Festival, performing in front of thousands.

Musicians who had played in pubs and clubs but never quite made it… never had that lucky break… given up hope on their dream… For one day they became the rock-stars.

A year ago it was impossible. Now with the aerial view, the big picture… dreams came true, the impossible became possible…

I’ve just read Helen Naylor’s: ‘My Mother, Munchausen’s and Me’. Helen grew up with two disabled parents; caring for her mother’s ME and subsequent debilitating illnesses dominated Helen’s life.

Ten years ago she discovered that her mother had been faking her illnesses. After her mother’s death, Helen found her diaries, written daily for fifty-five years. Everything Helen knew about herself and her upbringing was founded on lies.

The aerial view, the big picture… Helen can now discern lies from truth, reality from delusion…

Last night we saw the families of patients treated at Hospitals in the North Midlands attending the unveiling of a special sculpture in Trentham Gardens. This sculpture provides a reflection point for families whose lost loved ones’ organs have been donated to others.

The aerial view, the big picture they have of their loved ones… often unexpected tragic deaths… but good achieved through their organ donation.

Musing… Looking back on my life… the unpredictable, the unexpected, the good, the bad and the ugly… I can’t change anything.     

Musing… heroes of the faith… Joseph, Jeremiah, Jonah… Jesus… unpredictable lives… but their God they cared, protected and provided…  I share their faith in the God with the aerial view, the big picture.

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