The Calm After The Storm

Yesterday storm Eunice caused significant damage across the country. Locally 80 mph winds blew down trees, took our fence panels, removed shed roofs… roads were closed and power lines brought down.

This week I’ve been talking to friends about their life-storms – family troubles, sickness, work problems, mental health issues, bereavement…

This morning I walked along the beach. The sun rose over a calm sea. Early morning swimmers and joggers were out. It was a beautiful morning. The calm after the storm.


Storms will come. Every year there are storms. Some are worse than others… Life-storms come to all of us. They’re unavoidable but unpredictable… We don’t know what tomorrow – or next year – will bring!

Storms can be anticipated. Last summer I repaired my shed roof and parts of my garden fence. They’re still good… We can prepare for life-storms – materially, mentally, physically, spiritually. Yesterday we were talking about revising our wills…

Storms bring damage. Part of our neighbour’s shed roof is on our front lawn. Some homes are still homes without power… Friends are taking antidepressants, receiving regular hospital treatment, have scars from broken relationships…    

Some damage can be repaired. Work will continue today, clearing roads and train tracks, power will be restored… but fallen wonderful old trees can’t be restored… We need wisdom to discern what life-storm damage can be repaired and what we must learn to live with.

Storms are instructive. Yesterday bridges were closed; rescue services were trained and prepared. Lessons have been learnt through previous storms… Biblical Job had been through his life-storm of bereavement, destruction, sickness, isolation: ‘Then the Lord answered Job out of the storm…’ Job learnt his biggest lesson through his storm.  

Storms will pass. This morning walking along the beach… there were reminders of the storm, but all was calm. I’ve chatted this week with anxious parents about their anxious children…. The family life-storm brought damage, but that storm had passed… There is calm after the storm.

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