Demolition, Stabilisation, Preparation, Construction

Our new Lowestoft beach huts are finally taking shape. I’ve followed their progress with interest. It’s been a long process with 4 stages…

  • Demolition – In 2016 the old concrete beach chalets were destroyed; they were unsightly, unsafe, no longer fit for purpose…
  • Stabilisation – The cliff behind the beach huts had to be ‘stabilised’. There’s recently been significant erosion to other cliffs nearby…
  • Preparation – There’s been preparatory groundwork. Concrete pillars and gabions have been constructed, an upper platform erected…
  • Construction – The first beach huts arrived last week, delivered in huge flat-packs. They’re now being built!

Musing… My years in education… How about a similar model for teaching and learning?

  • Demolition – Unhelpful facts, unsafe methods, unsightly distractions need to be removed.
  • Stabilisation – A child/student must feel secure in themselves and their learning before they can concentrate and learn.
  • Preparation – Foundational skills and knowledge must learnt, in place… there must be motivation to learn.
  • Construction – It’s only then that new learning can take place… building knowledge, skills and understanding.

So… I can only learn about quadratic equations if my previous learning about basic algebra is correct and secure… To learn about the life and influence of Christopher Columbus I need some correct understanding of the fifteenth century world….

Musing… My years with people, in churches… How about a similar model for character or spiritual development?

  • Demolition – For personal or spiritual growth/development I must get rid of unhelpful habits, relationships, influences…
  • Stabilisation – I need confidence in positive relationships, emotional and mental security, protection against personal erosion…
  • Preparation – Foundational building blocks, personal beliefs, values, need to be laid carefully. Planning that shows what’s being built and where it’s being built is helpful!
  • Construction – It’s then that life and character can be carefully, purposefully constructed…

Musing… My Christian faith points to a God who enables the demolition of the unsafe, brings stability, provides a firm foundation; then, (sometimes with help from Christian sub-contractors!) He’s the master builder, seeking to create his masterpiece!

2 thoughts on “Demolition, Stabilisation, Preparation, Construction

  1. Thanks Lynn…. it’s just an idea… I haven’t thought it through. It would need further thoughts and application to see if it works…. certainly it’s about how we create construction and growth to character and Christian faith.

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