May be an image of nature and ocean

For Christmas Our Grandson gave us ‘The Little Book For Really Brilliant Grandparents’.

It contains short stories, examples, advice… ‘Have fun – make your grandchildren laugh. Remember that ‘boring’ is far worse that ‘batty’…

‘Our kids can probably survive without our advice, but they need our affirmation…’

…Rebecca started university last September. She’s had one or two problems. Last weekend her parents went to see her, helping and supporting her. This week she’s coped well and been a lot happier. Rebecca needs the affirmation of her parents…

…Yesterday… chatting to Andy… His boss at work took him unjustly through a ‘capability procedure’. He was exonerated, but was off work for a month with stress… Andy needs affirmation and support not destructive criticism…

…Kath’s looking after her husband. He’s not well physically or mentally. His future is uncertain. She’s having to make constant difficult decisions regarding his present care and future provision. Kath needs affirmation that she’s doing well.

…Katie left school with no qualifications. She’s working in a local fast-food outlet. She wants to find something that she enjoys and is good at. She’s constantly doubting herself and her abilities. Katie needs affirmation that she is valued and her life is valuable.  

Musing… I believe in an affirming God.

The Biblical narrative contains stories of a God who does miraculous things, who sets high moral standards, who provides super-human inspiration and strength. Time and again there are examples of God affirming the least likely…

Last Sunday we were reminded of the story of Gideon. God says: ‘I’ve got a job for you.’ Gideon doubts his qualifications, influence, courage, ability… His affirming God says: ‘You can do it. I’m sending you. I’ll give you strength.’

Musing… The affirmation that Andy, Rebecca, Kath and Katie need is not a one-off event; it’s constant, consistent… Affirmation comes from ordinary people not expert professionals…

With my God as my example and support I’m affirmed in my life… and I can affirm those around me.

May be an image of 1 person, nature and ocean

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