Before, After, And The Bit In Between

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Yesterday was Andrew’s funeral. Together we remembered his life and his long, happy marriage to Hilary…

Before… We thought of his early life in Bournemouth… love of Bournemouth FC… contact with Boys Brigade… young Christian faith…

After… We’re very sad… his illness and death, grieving for and with his family… his sure and steadfast hope of heaven… left with many personal, good memories of a good man, a good life well spent.

The bit in between… Andrew loved his wife and family dearly; they all loved him. He was a loyal Boys Brigade leader, a gentle-man… unassuming, faithful, reliable, respected, ‘grounded firm and deep in the Saviour’s love’.   

Liz and Andy are moving. It hasn’t been easy for them

Before… They weighed up the pros and cons, thought of the finances, considered the impact on their family, discussed it a lot.

After… They hope to be settled in a new house, face fresh challenges, enjoy new opportunities.

The bit in between… They’ve had disappointments, been gazumped, let down, confused, formed new plans many times. They’ve had to trust their God more.

Chris is going on a golf weekend. It’s a bargain!

Before… He’s booked the hotel – £115 for one night… but he gets two free rounds of golf. They would cost £36 each – so he’s saving £72!

After… We shall continue to enjoy a joke together. He thinks he’s saving £72. I laugh and say he’s spent £115.

The bit in between… Chris will enjoy hours spent walking round the Suffolk countryside hitting and walking after a little white ball.

Musing… The prophet Jeremiah’s picture of the potter…

Before… A shapeless lump of clay. The potter has an idea…

After… A beautiful, useful, unique pot.

The bit in between… The potter removes bits of grit and imperfection, using his skill and experience, his gentle hands gradually create, mould, form… A picture of my God shaping Andrew’s life, Andy and Liz’s move, Chris’s golf… and me.

2 thoughts on “Before, After, And The Bit In Between

  1. Good Photo of Andrew & Hilary

    Thank You, for thinking and remembering Andrew in your Musings.

    Definitely a Gentle-Man, and a good friend to many.

    We finished our Boys Brigade evening last night, with the Boys eating cake, and a prayer, in memory of Andrew.


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