Escaping Pandas

The Great Panda escape

In yesterday’s Sun:

‘A naughty panda sparked panic after escaping from its enclosure… Officials had to push back a crowd of excited zoo visitors as Menglan, a young male panda bear, cheekily made a dash for it.

The dramatic escape took place at Beijing Zoo in the Chinese capital Beijing on Wednesday… Menglan was lured back to its enclosure with food..’

The headline? ‘Panda-monium’[MS1] !

Chuckling… musing… Menglan’s ‘enclosure’ – his prison or security…?

Yesterday I attended the Thanksgiving and Celebration Service for the life of Rick Hughes.’ Rick was a friend who I have known for 7 years. I have many happy memories of time spent with him.

Many good things were said about him as a husband, dad, grandpa, minister, friend… His Christian faith was clear and central to the man he was.

Thanking God for Rick… musing – Rick’s God – his prison or security…?

Yesterday Kim, my friend with an eating disorder posted:

‘…even though there is nothing that can be done to recover, there are things to look positive for, especially for still being here! By rights I shouldn’t be but against all odds I am … It’s sad but I’m at peace…’

Yesterday I learned that Ian Bentley, who used to be a local minister, has this week been diagnosed with cancer:

‘A colonoscopy revealed cancer in the bowel and scans have further revealed it has spread to his liver. The family were expecting a stage 1 diagnosis so this is a huge shock…’

Kim’s and Ian’s God – their prison or security?

Rick’s service started with: ‘Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.’

I remembered Rick talking about this verse. It was one of his favourites. His God was not a prison but a source of freedom… and security and strength. I discover him too… amongst my life’s Panda-monium.

Rick Hughes

2 thoughts on “Escaping Pandas

  1. Hearing and reading it yesterday, and yourself mentioning it today, triggered my memory of Rick speaking of the verse. Fairly confident it was a Sunday evening, and at the end of the service he asked us all to take a small picture, he had produced, of a Golden Eagle in full flight, encouraging us to be like that in our daily lives. Knowing me, I suspect I still have it on a shelf somewhere .

    Also yesterday, when we sang the song, ” Be thou my Vision ” the second line of the 5th verse really stood out for me, ” Grant heaven’s joy to me ” Know we all want to receive the Joys of heaven, certain Rick will be receiving Every One.

    Many Thanks for your time producing these daily Musings.


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