Falling Through The Cracks

Last night was the annual ‘Children in Need’ charity extravaganza. Ed Sheeran, Graham Norton and many famous stars gathered and raised millions of pounds for disadvantaged children. Excellent.

This weekend we have a full programme of sport – international rugby, football clubs with new managers. The focus will be on the stars…

Our world celebrates the rich and the famous, the bold and the brave, the successful achievers.

Yesterday I met 20-year-old Kelly. Bright, intelligent, hard-working Kelly’s worked in bars, cafés and fast-food outlets since she was 14.

Kelly often feels low, worthless. She blames herself for her perceived lack of success and thinks she’s good at nothing. She has so much potential, but her self-esteem is very low. Like many other young people… unnoticed, neglected, ignored… she’s ‘falling through the cracks’.

I’ve been reading ‘Knickers in the Fridge’. Jane Grierson is the permanent carer for Molly, her mother, who has dementia. Molly sets off on random walkabouts, invites herself to tea with strangers…

It’s a humorous story but it has repeatedly reminded me of folk I know caring for dependent relatives. They’re duties restrict their activities; they’re not very visible so are often forgotten. They’re ‘falling through the cracks’.

In September we started a new programme of small groups at church; last night we reviewed the first 3 months…

It’s been a great success. A variety of social activities have been enjoyed – eating, walking, knitting… the more traditional church stuff – praying, learning from the Bible.

It’s good to hear and share positive stories; I appreciate and benefit from the small group I attend.

Musing on…

…those who have come through lockdown and have not re-engaged with church for a whole host of reasons…. who might be falling through the cracks.

…Jesus, who came to bring good news to the poor, sight to the blind, freedom to the captives… and rescue to those falling through the cracks.

…my response to those ‘falling through the cracks’.

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