Contributors and Consumers

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Preparations are progressing well for ‘The Railway Children’, this year’s Christmas show at the Seagull Theatre.

‘Set in and around a country railway station at the turn of the twentieth century, the plight of the railway children grappling with their new environment is imaginatively brought to life for a modern audience…’

Contributors are preparing – actors, producer, director, costume and scenery makers, sound and lighting technicians, publicity… for consumers who’ll come and enjoy it. I’m sure it will be a great production!

89-year old Monica White, in her ‘Fit-mind-50 challenge’, is trying 50 new things before her 90th birthday later this month.

Despite severe rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and a degenerative spinal cord condition, she’s learnt about Anglo-Saxon poetry, taken up the piano, cooked lasagne, grown cuttings, walked 90 miles… all for the first time.

Passive consumers sit on the sofa, order on line, take and enjoy what’s on offer. Monica’s an active consumer; in so doing she’s contributing – she’s an example and inspiration!

Musing on the old fable…

George visits a building site… He stops and asks a man what he’s doing: ‘Not much. Laying one brick after another. It’s really boring.’

George asked a second man what he’s up to: ‘We’re building a wall. It’s going to be a big strong wall by the time we’ve finished.’

George asked a third man: ‘I’m building part of a huge cathedral that’s going to be stunningly beautiful!’

All three men were contributors – they just saw their contribution differently.

Musing on the old story… Jesus feeds 5000 people with 5 loaves and 2 fishes brought by a young lad… The boy was a contributor so that others could be consumers. It wasn’t about the size of the contribution – a small contribution had a huge impact!

And from my faith perspective… in church, in my daily life, I shall seek be a contributor, appreciate better the contributions of others, and try to see how my small contribution fits into God’s bigger plan.

May be an image of text that says 'THE RAILWAY CHILDREN By E Nesbit and Dave Simpson'

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