Autumn, Harvest, Changes, Gratitude…

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I took down the last of our runner bean canes yesterday, picked the last of our tomatoes, and dug up the last of our potatoes.

There’s lots to do in the garden this weekend…pruning the roses and shrubs, digging up dahlia tubers, clearing up yet more leaves… I’m sure if we watch Gardeners World tonight Monty Don will tell us of more to do!

Autumn’s definitely here. The temperature has dropped; there’s been wind and rain this week; I love the changing seasons.

As a child our autumnal Harvest Thanksgiving/ Harvest Festival  was huge. Dad brought vegetables from the garden to church; there was massive display that everybody contributed to. We sung special hymns, appreciated creation, thanked God for our harvest, and distributed the produce to local needy people.

Over the years I’ve attended, been involved with and led many harvest services.

In schools there were similar events. Children brought food contributions from home; a display was created; there was a special school assembly. Sometimes the emphasis was educational – the food chain, international farming, problems of pollution…

Sometimes there was a more religious theme, perhaps involving a local church. Always there was an element of gratitude. Then there was distribution to the local community – often with the help of the children.

Many Harvest Celebrations evolved to include a wider world view… good harvests in other countries, the many who have no harvest, what it feels like to be without, world famine, how we can help… Some national charities have raised awareness and produced excellent resources…

Today it seems that harvest celebrations have a lower priority.

I’ve been involved in discussions at schools and in churches… We have opinions… I have an opinion… others disagree… I lose the point… I lose the plot…

And the point? Gratitude!… In the words of the old school assembly song: ‘So I mustn’t forget… To say a great big thank you, I mustn’t forget.’

2 thoughts on “Autumn, Harvest, Changes, Gratitude…

  1. Hello Malcolm

    Just catching up with emails and have read there last two musings – both of them richly thoughtful, resonant, and helpful – many thanks





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