He Ain’t Heavy – He’s My Brother

The road is long, with many of winding turns
That lead us to (who knows) where, who knows where?
But I’m strong, strong enough to carry him
He ain’t heavy – he’s my brother

Musing on having brothers… being a brother… My brothers have been on – and are on – a long, winding road. What’s round the next corner is unknown…

Being a brother is about travelling together; having the strength to carry my brother when he’s weak and having the humility to be carried by my brother when I’m weak.

So long we go, his welfare is my concern
no burden is he to bear, we’ll get there
But I know he would not encumber me
He ain’t heavy – he’s my brother

This isn’t just about blood relations. Travelling with my friend – he’s my brother, she’s my sister… giving and receiving compassion and empathy, sharing joy and sorrow…

Sharing their journey I’m close enough to see when they fall… I understand their injuries and needs… I’m determined and strong enough to pick them up… I willingly and lovingly carry them…

If I’m leaving at all, if I’m leaving with sadness
that everyone’s heart isn’t filled with the gladness
of love for one another.

From my faith perspective…

Musing on the one who came to be my friend and brother; in the past he’s carried me; he still picks me up and never finds me too heavy.

Musing on St Paul: ‘Love one another with brotherly love’ and St Peter: ‘Christ…leaving you an example that you should follow in his steps. 

It’s his example, inspiration and strength that enables me to share the journey, carry the load and say from the heart: ‘He ain’t heavy – he’s my brother’.

It’s a long, long road, from which there is no return
While we’re on the way to there, why not share?
And the load doesn’t way me down at all
He ain’t heavy – he’s my brother.

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