The Drum And Monkey

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We’ve gone away for a few days. We went out for a meal last night to the nearest pub – The Drum and Monkey. I googled the origins of the name.

Some claimed that it refers to powder drums and powder monkeys used on ancient battle ships or in mining communities.

Others claim that it’s from travelling showmen at village fairs bringing their drum and monkey to entertain.  

Two perspectives – either could be true. I don’t know…

Jesus had healed a demon-possessed man. The religious leaders thought that he must be working with Beelzebub, the prince of demons to achieve this. They avoided and opposed this ‘glutton and drunkard’…

Others witnessed the lame walking, the blind seeing, those with leprosy cured, the deaf hearing, the dead raised, good news brought to the poor. They enjoyed and appreciated this friend of tax collectors and prostitutes…

Two perspectives – either could be true. I choose the second…

I’m reading ‘Remarkable People’ by TV broadcaster Dan Walker. He writes about South African children.

He describes the poverty, the prevalence of HIV and aids, drink, drugs, teenage pregnancies; damaged, abandoned, abused children with no help and no hope.

His colleague, Lisa, is involved with an orphanage that provides for and supports girls in a local community. It’s a place of joy, of security, acceptance and unconditional love.

Two perspectives – both are true. I applaud Lisa’s work…

Walker illustrates this with an old story: a high tide has washed ashore thousands of starfish. An old man sees a young boy throwing them back into the ocean one at a time.

The old man sees thousands of starfish and a lad who is not making much of a difference. He asks the boy what he is doing.

The boy picks up another starfish and tosses it into the water. ‘I made a difference to that one,’ he says, continuing his mission.

Two perspectives – both are true. I applaud the young boy’s…

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