Every Day’s A Good Day

May be an image of twilight, body of water and sky

My walk this morning was good… beautiful, warm… the sun rising over the sea… the usual assortment of dog-walkers, swimmers, joggers, cyclists…

‘Good morning,’ I said to one man. His loud, bright, very orange shorts woke me up.

‘Good morning,’ I said to an older lady dog-walker. ‘Good morning,’ she replied, very cheerily. ‘Lovely morning,’ I said, smiling. Her cheerfulness was infectious.

‘Isn’t it!’ She said. ‘Every day’s a good day’.

A young man, perhaps in his 30s, was looking out to sea: ‘I come here every morning. Every morning’s different and so beautiful.’ Both of his knees were heavily strapped and needed surgery. He was in considerable pain, but positive and grateful.

For him every day’s a good day.

Musing… this week…

…After running up thousands of pounds worth of debt over a number of years Stuart’s finally paid off all his credit cards, cut them up and is now debt free.

…Nick’s been ill with bronchitis for several months and is now fit again

…Kate and Gordon are still thankful for last weekend’s family wedding that was so good.

…For us… With daughter Jo’s bathroom being replaced there have been regular pleasant interruptions of family members requiring meals, showers, beds and other necessities…

…and coming downstairs at seven o’clock to eight-year-old Luca singing: ‘If you’re a chicken nugget then you’ve got to sing along…’

I’m not, I didn’t, but every day’s a good day.

Friends going through horrid stuff have had a tough week… illness, hospitals, mental ill-health, family conflict, bereavement. They’ve set an example of accepting love, enduring hope and all-embracing faith. In times of darkness they’ve seen and shown light.

Even in sadness every day can be a good day

I look out of the window. The sun’s still shining; there’s a beautiful late show of dahlias; squirrels are busy burying and looking for peanuts in the lawn. Norwich may lose this afternoon….

Every day’s a good day… and today in particular.

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