You Don’t Love God…

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There are many people, who will say they’re Christians
And they live like Christians on the Sabbath day
But come Monday morning, till the coming Sunday
They will fight their neighbour all along the way

I considered several possible ‘Sunday Songs’. One was emotional and worshipful, another was meaningful and thought-provoking… I finished with a fun song… simple and straightforward.

It’s about the consistency of many who claim to be Christians. They act in one way on Sunday at church, but during the week their behaviour doesn’t reflect that faith… they show apathy, self-centredness, pick quarrels and drive others away from God.

In the holy Bible, in the book of Matthew
Read the 18th chapter in the 21st verse
Jesus plainly tells us that we must have mercy
There’s a special warning in the 35th verse

Matthew 18… Jesus was asked: ‘How many times should I forgive my brother?’ and replies ‘Seventy time seven’

Jesus tells the story of the man who owes millions of pounds that he can’t repay. He pleads for and is granted mercy. He then encounters someone who owes him a few pounds; he demands repayment and refuses to show mercy…

Jesus says I can’t choose who my neighbour is; I can’t choose who I love. It’s about consistency through the week, and consistency in loving everybody without exception, however they have treated me, whatever the situation.

This love isn’t just theory, it’s practical, in the ordinary things of life. It’s what I do in going out of my way to help; it’s what I don’t do in avoiding arguments and gossip. Simple and straightforward? It deeply challenging. It affects how I relate to everybody!

Oh you don’t love God
If you don’t love your neighbour
If you gossip about him, if you never have mercy
If he gets into trouble, and you don’t try to help him
Then you don’t love your neighbour
And you don’t love God

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