Leaving a Mark

May be an image of Jo Moreira

Yesterday Hannah did archery with her family. She propelled her arrows towards the target – accurately! She pulled them out, leaving holes in the target. She won! She left her mark.

Just now I was sitting in the conservatory. There was a big bang. A pigeon had flown into the window. It happens sometimes… occasionally they leave they leave their mark – an imprint of their outstretched wings on the glass. Today’s pigeon flew away, apparently unharmed, perhaps a little dazed.

In today’s paper… further discussion about re-introducing beavers to English rivers. ‘Their dam-building and tree-felling can restore wetland habitats, boost other wildlife , reduce flooding and support eco-tourism.’ Beavers certainly leave their mark.

The sports’ pages report on Christos Tzolis, a 19 year old Greek. On Tuesday he ‘…made a fantastic debut for Norwich City, scoring twice and assisting twice as he proved too hot to handle for Bournemouth.’  He’s left his mark.

In recent days we’ve learnt of the deaths of actress Una Stubbs, comedian Sean Locke, footballer Dennis Law and Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts. Tributes have described the contribution they have made, the mark they have left.

Walking beside the sea I often leave my mark – footprints in the sand. I remember the old ‘Footprints in the Sand’ story. The tide soon washes them away.

…Musing on the mark I leave by my words, attitudes and actions; … the people I meet today… writing, conversations, activities… the mark I leave that may not be washed away…

…Musing on the mark that God leaves. I look out of the window – apples getting bigger on the apple tree, a woodpecker on the birdfeeder, deep red dahlias… the mark of a skilful creator.

…Musing on people ‘made in God’s image’ who bear his mark in their compassion, kindness, patience or wisdom.

…Musing on the quote: ‘I have engraved you on the palms of my hands’… God has made a mark on his hands… of me!

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4 thoughts on “Leaving a Mark

  1. Think you’ve prematurely killed Denis Law off! He’s been in the news this week because of his announcement that he has dementia, along with Terry McDermot and others.


  2. Morning Malcolm, Must say I really appreciate your musings and the challenges/inspiration they produce!I sometimes wish I could send your messages to my family so would it be okay to share? If it is alright, could you please advise me on how to? Thanks. Bless you Lyn Sent from Samsung Mobile on O2


    1. Thank you, Lyn, for your kind words. Please feel free to share as you see fit. I know some have been shared via facebook,; others have gone directly to the site:
      There may well be other, clever technical ways that I’m not aware of…
      I continue to be humbled to hear that my ramblings/musings make sense to others… any feed back is always appreciated


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