Dishwashers, Banksy & Hannah…

Musing on words from the prophet Jeremiah: ‘…find but one person who deals honestly and speaks the truth…’ (5:1)

Our dishwasher’s broken… the mechanical not the human version. An engineer – hopefully honest and truthful – is due this morning. The machine needs to be repaired or replaced.

A number of pictures that have appeared in Lowestoft and surrounding area this week, said to be painted by the world-famous artist ‘Banksy’.  The picture above has appeared in our local Nicholas Everitt Park. Did Banksy paint this? Did he really come… to Lowestoft? Where does the truth lie?

A number of friends need truth from their doctors. How serious is my problem? When will my surgery happen? Will this course of treatment be successful?

Yesterday was GCSE results day for Granddaughter Hannah. She did really well, writing: ‘5 years of my life resulting in 9 numbers, kinda boring if you ask me but I’m happy with them.’

Her 9 numbers do tell truth about the standards she reached. But she’s right – 9 numbers don’t tell everything about her last 5 years – how much effort she put in, the sort of person she is…

We need politicians, health experts, church leaders to ‘deal honestly and speak the truth’. This isn’t just about discerning truth from scientific evidence, sets of statistics or religious beliefs. It’s about truthful, honest people who are trustworthy not because of their position, but because their words and lives have integrity.

Dishwasher men have taken away our old dishwasher; their expertise and honesty will be tested by its future performance.

A judgement will be made about whether the Lowestoft picture is a genuine ‘Banksy’.

Hannah’s 9-number-achievements give a snapshot of truth about her today, but they only tell part of the story.

With Jeremiah we continue to seek out people with truth, honesty and integrity in our families, workplaces, churches and communities; by God’s grace and with his help we can be those people.

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