There’s Always ‘The Next Step’

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This is Zak’s very worn bag. After getting up early each morning for over 4 years to do his paper round, he finished last weekend. He has a holiday job now. If all goes according to plan his next step is to go to university in September.

We’ve enjoyed watching young squirrels, blackbirds, blue tits and jays in our garden this year… Growing up, learning, taking their ‘next step’. Recently Mr Woodpecker was feeding, whilst Woodpecker-junior looked on. Mr Woodpecker flew off. Woodpecker-junior looked confused, but thought he’d try. He was successful… his next step to independence.

For the young there’s always the ‘Next Step’. For the toddler it’s literally that. For children it might be the first day at school, the first sleepover, the first girl/boy-friend… Then it might be the first car, the first job, the first home…

Musing… ‘Next Step’ isn’t just about younger people… Many friends,, of ‘more mature years’ are taking their ‘Next Step’.

Changing all names…

For some ‘Next Step’ is about work… Alan’s developing his business; Martin has been made redundant; Jerry’s had an interview for a new job; Jill has just retired… …

For some ‘Next Step’ is about home… Pete and Alice have ‘down-sized’; Chris and Sue have moved across the country to be closer to family; Charlie moved for job and family to Australia…

For others ‘Next Step’ is about health… Derek’s awaiting the results of a scan; Lucy’s awaiting imminent surgery; Paul’s recovering from surgery; Nick’s undergoing cancer treatment hoping for remission; Colin knows that his cancer treatment is palliative…

Musing… Proverbs 22‘Pay attention and listen to the wise… so that your trust may be in the Lord… teaching you true and reliable words…’

My prayer for myself and for all who are taking their ‘Next Step’ is for wisdom, for all that is true and reliable, and for a deeper trust in the Lord.

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