In My Father’s House

You might been raised on the block
You mighta wandered here from far
But no matter where you come from
No matter who you are

…Well, you know you’re always welcome
In my Father’s house

Our church  has been redecorated and refurbished. ‘Welcome Home’ is painted on the wall, facing you as you enter…

Welcome is about the way you are treated, it’s about the sincere smile, the open arms, the caring relationships. Home is about how you feel, relaxed and accepted, the place where you ought to be…there’s no place like home.

This Eric Bibb song that says that…

You might be a child of the streets
You might be rich man’s son…

…When you got nowhere to hide
Got nowhere to run
Well, you know you’ll find shelter
In my Father’s house

The best churches I’ve known have been places where all have been welcome. Those who have known fear, rejection, disappointment and shame have found a place; those who are doing OK with family, friends, a home and a job have their place too. All ages, colours and sizes fit in. There’s no discrimination.

When you’re lonely an’ discouraged
An’ misery has no end…

…When you’re beggin’ for a friend
Yes, you know you’re gonna find one
In my Father’s house

This isn’t always the reality. A number of friends who have attended church in the past, who have a Christian faith, have left churches because they haven’t been welcome; church isn’t their home.

I still believe that is what we should be aiming for; it is possible. It’s ‘My Father’s House’. It’s God our Father’s – not ours – where we meet him, serve him and seek to get to know him better. When it truly is ‘My Father’s House’ the rest falls into place.

When you’re mistreated in this world
Like a stranger in your own land…

…Come an’ lay your burden down
In my Father’s house

2 thoughts on “In My Father’s House

  1. Very thought provoking. I’m still struggling with attending for fear of disappointment and rejection..but I know there r people like u who love me just as I am..


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