Tributes…Worrier to Warrior

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Yesterday’s local paper reported the death of Jan Dickinson. I knew and worked with Jan, the Head Teacher at a local school. Her tribute included:

‘Jan pursued a career in education because she ‘loved to see children learn… She built, curated and led one of the finest schools in Suffolk… Jan will be remembered as a dignified woman of high standards, inspiring educator and leader…’

This morning we learn of the death of former Ipswich, Arsenal and England footballer, Paul Mariner. He’s remembered locally, scoring 139 goals for Ipswich, helping them win the FA Cup (1978) and the UEFA Cup (1981). His family paid tribute to him:

‘Paul lived a full life and was fortunate enough to represent a group of fantastic football clubs as well as his country… Anyone who knew Paul will attest to his fantastic sense of humour, his passion for life and his work…’

Megan had her last day at primary school yesterday. Following their ‘Leavers’ Assembly’. proud Mum wrote:

End of an era. I no longer have a primary school child! Fab assembly. Head teacher’s comment for Megan was ‘once a worrier and now turned into a great warrior!’

Some tribute!

Well done Megan’s head teacher, Heather Madsen: She knew, recognised and appreciated Megan as an individual, valuing her achievements and publicly commending her.

Well done Megan: She’s moved from worrier to great warrior – facing her fears, and rather than worrying about them, learning to actively confront them.

Musing… Jan’s high standards, Paul’s passion for life, Heather’s personal knowledge and appreciation, Megan’s ‘worrier to great warrior’…

Musing… St Paul’s words: ‘Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts  and your minds in Christ Jesus.’

This peace is the antidote for my worry, enabling me to ‘warrior’ against my demons, problems, impossibilities….

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