It’s Coming Home

It’s coming home
It’s coming home
Football’s coming home

It’s been a good week of sport. Andy Murray at Wimbledon has won… and lost. In the cricket Eoin Morgan and his men won at the Oval…

Football supporters across the country sung ‘Football’s coming home’ in our victory over Germany. Tonight’s our next big match…

Everyone seems to know the score
They’ve seen it all before
They just know, they’re so sure
That England’s gonna throw it away
Gonna blow it away…

We hope for the best but fear the worst. We daren’t hope for what we really want, so we protect ourselves by saying it won’t happen. The football… relationship, exam, doctor’s appointment, interview, difficult conversation… We’ve seen it all go wrong in the past, we’ve suffered disappointment, so we don’t set our sights too high.

Three Lions on a shirt
Jules Rimet still gleaming
Thirty years of hurt
Never stopped me dreaming

And yet we still have the dream, the hope, the prayer that the best will happen. We live in the tension of past hurts and future hopes. We remember the past, the good times, and start to believe again. We can win…

But I still see that tackle by Moore
And when Lineker scored
Bobby belting the ball
And Nobby dancing

I know that was then
But it could be again

Musing…The song reminds me of the story Jesus told about the young man who left a good home and wasted his money and his reputation. He’d known good times and bad times in his past but had little future hope. He decided to return to his consistent, welcoming Dad, his home, his place of security.

In balancing hurts and hopes the best place to find resolution is at our ‘home’. For me, from my faith perspective, I return home to my Father God, my place of love, acceptance and security.

It’s coming home
It’s coming home…

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