Get Set!

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Musing on ‘Get Set!’

The race has been planned, the competitors lined up, the starter says: ‘On your marks; Get set; Go!’ It’s about being ready.

The easing of restrictions following lockdown has caused many folk to ‘Get set’ – the business that’s re-opening, the couple that have been waiting to get married, the hip-replacement surgery that’s been postponed… We’re ready!

I love the old story of Joshua. After many years of waiting, wandering and wondering the Israelites are about to enter their Promised Land. He says, ‘Get ready, Get Set, be prepared for the unexpected, God’s with you!’

‘Get set’ is also about being settled in one place.. The camp set up in a farmer’s field, a house set back off the road, the murder mystery set in a haunted castle, the flower arrangement set on the table….

The past year has been unsettling for many. Old routines have been upset, friendships have changed, priorities altered. We need to ‘Get set’, get settled in our new place, find our new normal.

Joshua and the Israelites have been wandering, fighting and facing daily uncertainty. Finally they’re in their Promised Land. There’s peace. Families need to ‘get set’, settle down, to find their new normal.

I like to imagine a brick-layer saying ‘get set’ to the cement when building a wall or a cook saying ‘get set’ to the blancmange and jelly when making a trifle. It’s about ‘firming up’…

Some of us live in a permanent state of fluidity and uncertainty. There comes a time when we need to ‘get set’, make up our mind, come to a firm decision.

Joshua is old and dying. He tells the people ‘Be strong… Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve.’ Make a firm decision. Get set.    

He concludes: ‘As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.’ Get set? Joshua has – ready, placed, decided.

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