Father of the Fatherless

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O father of the fatherless
In whom all families are blessed
I love the way you father me

Musing on Graham Kendrick’s song… Today’s Father’s Day. King David described his God as ‘A father to the fatherless…’

Yesterday I was talking to Rebecca, who teaches 2-5 year-olds, about the effects of children growing up without the love and support of their fathers…

When bruised and broken I draw near
You hold me close and dry my tears
I love the way you father me

It’s the picture of the waiting father in Jesus’ parable. The child has left home, rejected his family and lived in self-centred isolation. He realises that he’s wasted his money and his life. He’s messed up, a failure. He returns to his father who, to his surprise, welcomes him back with loving open arms…

If in my foolishness I stray
Returning empty and ashamed
I love the way you father me

This week I’ve been aware of my weaknesses and failings. I haven’t liked the self I have seen in reflected in my musing-mirror…

…I rediscover the Father-God who’s always there, always caring, always providing security. Nothing phases him, shocks him, puts him off or changes his loving attitude towards me.

And when I look into your eyes
From deep within my spirit cries
I love the way you father me

This is active fathering, not some benevolent old man who sits back. Rebecca was talking about the positive role model of her Dad, Terry, who’s actively involved with his children and grandchildren, being with them and for them.

The God that King David and Graham Kendrick bring who is not just the ‘Our Father who art in heaven’, but the Father-God who is personally involved in our daily lives – our fears and failings, our hopes and dreams.

Father me, forever you’ll father me
And in your embrace I’ll be forever secure
I love the way you father me

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