Bobby Bear

Suffering: If something upset Mum she’d say: ‘I’ll suffer in silence’. There would be a little self-pity and a requirement for someone to respond – so that the silence was broken.

History is full of those who have suffered in silence – from Christians thrown to the lions in Rome 2000 years ago to prisoners in concentration camps…

Reading more of the story of Job this morning… Job’s complaint is that he’s suffering but God is silent….

Many say, ‘Climb every mountain, till you find your dream.’ Jesus-followers quote him saying, ‘Ask and it will be given you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened.’ All positive and optimistic.

Job says, ‘I cry out to you, O God , but you do not answer.’ (30:20)… Job’s suffering God’s silent.    

Standing: Job continues: ‘I stand up but you merely look at me…’

Standing in silence I stand alone. I’m not dependent on or distracted by others. I’m alone with my thoughts, my present situation and with my God.

Standing in silence I face my suffering, my anxieties, my fears. I don’t hide, avoid, turn my back or run…

Standing in silence I reflect on previous good times, those I love, successes… I gain perspective, I pause, I’m musing… the real present, the possible future….

Strength: Last night on ‘The Repair Shop’ Julie and Amanda repaired Bobby Bear. This 100-year-old teddy bear had helped a World War Two airman convalesce after an aircraft crash in 1943.

Dressed in it’s airman’s uniform Bobby was delicately restored. He kept his character; he still looked battered… and he remained silent. Julie said: ‘Bobby will still be Bobby Bear, but he’ll be stronger inside.’

Sometimes I need a bit of Bobby’s restoration – remaining silent through my repair. I may still be battered, but I’m stronger inside…

Musing on the idea of ‘God’s Repair Shop…’ where loved but broken treasures are restored by an expert…

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