Twisted Knickers? Pants Are The Solution

Sometimes I’m anxious, uncertain, worrying about a situation, looking for a solution… I get my knickers in a twist.

I propose a pant-based solution to twisted knickers:

  • Ants in my pants: My mother used this expression. It made me smile. I enjoyed the children’s comic picture of insect-inhabited clothing…

I mustn’t just accept worry and anxiety. I need the unease, restlessness and discomfort of anted-pants.

  • A kick in the pants: Another comic picture. The short, sharp, forceful kick.  From discomforting ants painful kicking – motivation to action.

I mustn’t sit on my butt hoping that matters will be resolved, blaming someone else, resigned to being a helpless victim. My butt needs kicking into action.

  • Flying by the seat of my pants: In the 1930s, pilots, dependent on their skill and judgment, flew their aircraft with few navigational aids…

At church yesterday Neal used the phrase, describing St Peter’s first sermons and miracles; he encouraged us to a similar God-dependent approach.

Sometimes I don’t need a predetermined plan; using my own initiative I take unique course of action. My faith invites God to be my experienced co-pilot.

  • Liar, liar, pants on fire: Over 200 years ago William Blake wrote the poem ‘The Liar’. It starts: ‘Deceiver, dissembler, Your trousers are alight…’

Many will give me their solution to my anxieties, problems or tangle of twistedness. I need to discern between truth and lies, wisdom and folly, solution and stupidity.

  • Put on my patient pants: Last week daughter Jo asked grandson Luca if he had put on his ‘patient pants’ that morning. I thought of St Paul’s instruction: ‘Clothe yourself with compassion, kindness, humility and patience…’. Jo’s instruction added a little more detail.

I often expect instant solutions. At times I need to wait patiently and ‘put on’ God’s patience in an intentional, deliberate action.

My suggested solution for twisted knicker syndrome? Pants! Discomfort, motivation, action, initiative, discernment, patience… and God’s clothing, wisdom and help.

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