Dedicated To The One I Love

May be an image of Chris Short and Geneviève Short, tree and outdoors
My brother Chris with Genevieve

The last few days I’ve been listening to a band called ‘Foxes and Fossils’. A man and his musician friends… his daughter and her singing friends… so there’s younger women and older men – hence ‘foxes and fossils’. I love the idea of young and old working together. Their music isn’t bad either….

I particularly like their version of the old song ‘Dedicated to the one I love’. I’ve mused on the lyrics many times over the years…

‘This is dedicated to the one I love’ speaks of the selfless giving nature of human love; my faith also pointed it to God’s love…

‘Whisper a little prayer for me…’ speaks of the involvement of a power greater than ourselves, a God, who is somehow involved in our lives.

‘The darkest hour is just before dawn…’ There are difficulties, uncertainty and very dark hours. But darkness does end and dawn will come.

Musing on dedicated love, a little prayer, darkness and dawn…

Two emails received yesterday evening…

Naomi’s parents have been taking her to hospital for continuing tests, an MRI, pain clinics. They’re dedicated to the one they love who is in significant pain. Dark hours…

Yesterday her dad wrote: We are so grateful to God and to you all for your prayers and signs of affection over this last month which hasn’t been easy… Thank you for the many reminders of God’s faithfulness and promises.

We also heard yesterday from my brother Chris. Next week he’s going on holiday with his wife Genevieve. He wrote of his recent surgery, appointments with his oncologist, continuing cancer tests, treatment, further radiotherapy, chemotherapy…

He wrote of being at peace: ‘The Lord has my future in his hands and this is reassuring.’

I continue to muse on dedicated love, a little prayer, darkness and dawn…

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