Thy Kingdom Come

We seek your kingdom throughout every sphere
We long for heaven’s demonstration here.
Jesus, your light shine bright for all to see.
Transform, revive and heal society.

This song is unashamedly and explicitly Christian. It isn’t like old hymns – theology, God’s greatness, the work of Jesus, personal salvation…; it isn’t like modern worship songs – personal experience of an immediate God. It’s a prayer for God’s involvement in our ordinary daily lives.

Before all things, in him all things were made
Inspiring culture, media and trade.
May all our work serve your economy.
Transform, revive and heal society.

Christian’s praying ‘Thy kingdom come’ aren’t praying for some vague spiritual ideal. They’re praying for a new society, a transformation of work, media, trade, politics and leisure, that’s based on truth, love, justice and integrity.

Peace, truth and justice reigning everywhere
With us be present in our public square.
Fill all who lead with your integrity.
Transform, revive and heal society.

We don’t always live up to this. We’re not personally involved, playing our part in creating this new world. We ask God’s forgiveness for failing to engage.

We recommit, inviting God to work through us where we are. in our homes, schools, hospitals work-places and ordinary every-day-lives.

Forgive us Lord, when we have not engaged
Failing to scribe your heart on history’s page.
Make us again what we were made to be.
Transform, revive and heal society.

Andy Flannagan, one of this hymn’s writers, says that the song is urgent for our times. ‘so necessary as we emerge from this pandemic…This is a song of action as well as contemplation. It spurs us to ask what part we can play in making our bit of God’s world more like Heaven.’

We pray that we, ordinary people, will ’transform, revive and heal society’  

Faithful to govern ever may we be
Selfless in service, loving constantly.
In everything may your authority.
Transform, revive and heal society.

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