Travelling companions

May be an image of tree and nature

In school assemblies we used to sing: ‘The journey of l may be easy life may be easy, may be hard, there’ll be danger on the way…’

Musing on my journey…

Sometimes there’s sunshine, green fields, a gentle stream, birds, butterflies, a clear path, and all is well. I feel good, progressing purposefully and cheerfully.

At other times the road is rocky and uphill, I’m crossing a never ending desert or I’m in a dark valley where I can’t see the danger but can feel it. Droughts and thunderstorms are equally uncomfortable and threatening.

I observe others on their journeys. Some seem super-fit, running up mountains, smiling in adversity… perhaps they have a better diet or footwear than me.

Others face apparently impassable barriers; they’re weighed down with heavy loads or knee deep in crap…  It makes my journeying problems seem insignificant.

I press on. Sometimes I’ve enjoyed being an independent traveller, going at my own pace, make my own decisions, facing my own problems.

Yet I’m not always strong or confident. I’m not a man who has travelled and arrived. I have weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

I don’t want a distant expert to analyse my journey and give me directions. I don’t need a superstar who can fix my problems.

I want, I need, travelling companions. alongside me, supporting me when I stumble, climbing with me up the mountain that’s too big for me alone.

My Christian faith assures me that I have a God, a ‘Good Shepherd’ who leads, protects and provides. That has been my experience. I have known a caring God walking alongside me, directing me, at times carrying me….

As my God travels with me, I join friends, sharing their uncomfortable sometimes painful journeys. We travel through their places of confusion, doubt and mess without judgement. I listen, travelling with understanding and compassion at their pace. We share our journeys. We’re travelling companions.

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