Where’s Wally?

We’ve all seen the ‘Where’s Wally’ puzzle books; detailed illustrations of people doing amusing things at a given location….

This morning I read of Solomon’s temple… ‘A place for you to dwell for ever.’ (2Chronicles 6:2)

Where’s Wally? Where’s God?

In the garden I see apple blossom on the tree, goldfinches and blue tits on the feeders, beautiful flowers, green grass. In the woods, on the deserted beach, in the storm… God’s there.

Nearly 300 million miles away NASA’s Perseverance rover is exploring Mars. Galaxies beyond, black holes, the vast universe… God’s there.

Over the past year ordinary people have shown kindness and compassion – the covid ward nurse, care-home cleaner, school teaching-assistant, thoughtful neighbour. God’s there.

Christians may talk of ‘personal faith’, choosing to walk the Jesus-path, the ‘born-again’ Christian. We used to sing in Sunday School: ‘He lives within my heart.’ God’s there.

Many are looking forward to returning to church mask free, non-distanced… Good people going to church to meet their God. God’s there.

Over this last year I’ve rethought sickness and suffering – the despair of covid, palliative care for the cancer patient, the restrictions and constant pain of arthritis. I conclude that God’s there.

It’s ‘Mental Health Awareness week’. We remember those suffering with anxiety or depression, those living in loneliness or despair; those in addiction, living with dementia or memories of a past trauma. I don’t fully understand it but God’s there.

Wally’s only in one place – and you have to search to find him. Some have that problem with a ‘now you see me now you don’t’ God who’s out there somewhere engaging in some game of divine hide-and-seek.

I’m more persuaded by a God who is everywhere and in everything. In the big and dramatic as well as the ordinary and mundane; in happiness and pleasure as well as sadness and suffering.

God’s there. Today I shall seek to see him more clearly…

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