Wasps, Marsh Harriers and Lewis Hamilton

My opinion about wasps has been unchanged many years: wasps sting, scare people and are pointless. Bees sting, but they pollinate flowers, make honey and look furry and friendly. Wasps just look evil.

University of East Anglia researchers have compiled evidence from 500 academic papers, concluding that wasps contribute to ecosystems, helping the economy , human health and society. They’re crucial predators, stopping aphids and caterpillars from damaging crops; they’re vital pollinators visiting 164 species that bees don’t; their venom may even be of use in treating cancer.

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  • Marsh Harriers look majestic in the sky high above the Broads; seeing them eating an ‘aww-factor’ duckling or moorhen chick for a snack shows a different – ruthless, predatory – side to their character. Sometimes there are two sides to a character or story…
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This weekend Sports across the country – football, cricket, rugby, netball, athletics, motor-racing… are showing solidarity against online abuse. A four-day boycott of social media is an attempt to tackle abuse and discrimination.

Lewis Hamilton expresses the views of many:

‘…There is no place in our society for any kind of abuse… we have to call for change when needed, even when it seems like an almost impossible task…

Let’s not accept abuse as part of sport, but instead let’s be the ones who make a difference for future generations.’

Musing… I’ve held some opinions and beliefs for many years. Christian and atheist friends alike cling stubbornly, inflexibly and dogmatically to their views about politics, faith and society.

Often we are similarly opinionated regarding people we know or characters in the news.

The wasp teaches me that reviewing my views is a good thing; I may be wrong – and may be required to change.

The Marsh Harrier reminds me that sometimes I must see two opinions that need to be balanced.

Lewis Hamilton shows that sometimes there is clear right and wrong – and I can be an agent of change.

2 thoughts on “Wasps, Marsh Harriers and Lewis Hamilton

  1. An interesting mix, Wasps, Marsh Harriers, and Lewis Hamilton ? Some good Thoughts, Views, and Comments to make us all think !! Thank you.


  2. I’m conscious that sometimes I need to be a little more humble and admit I may not be completely right. At other times I need the courage to hold onto my beliefs… and I need the wisdom to know which is which….


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