Tales of the Unexpected

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Darcie Richards, a 25-year-old bricklayer from Attleborough, works with her brothers for her dad’s building company. Inspiring women to go against stereotypes, ‘it’s a man’s job’, and work in the construction industry Darcie says:

‘If you want to be a plasterer, electrician or carpenter, do it and don’t care what people think.’ …Delightfully unexpected.

Norwich’s Jarold department store has just opened a pet boutique, selling country attire for designer dogs. Barbour jackets for £39.95, stylish Sophie Allport neckerchiefs and pheasant shaped toys. Unexpected?! Enough said.

I read this morning about seven year-old Joash becoming King of Judah. His 40 year reign brought peace and positive reform to the country.

I love the repeated Biblical examples of children unexpectedly taking on important roles – instead of the experienced or expected.

My son, Andrew, has been making flatpack furniture this week. My wife, Rachel, ordered some plants for our garden. They arrived this morning in a flat cardboard pack. I enjoy the unexpected notion of flatpack plants.

Yesterday I had coffee with my friend John. John went into hospital in December with sepsis. Following 5 operations he contracted pneumonia. He developed Covid and was in hospital for a month.

When in hospital he feared the worst. Still weak and far from well he’s grateful to be home and recovering. For him it’s an unexpected outcome.

Rachel was listening to a talk yesterday that described ‘Being in a state of cakiness’. Cakes start with ingredients – flour, margarine, sugar, eggs…that combine eventually to become a cake.

Half way through the cooking process they’re in a ‘state of cakiness’,  the mid-state unexpected, neither one thing nor another.

Tales of the unexpected in a random world… unexpected events, situations, outcomes. I remember the old verse, describing people living with the unexpected: ‘Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see’.

Expecting the unexpected; certainty in uncertainty.

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