Led Like A Lamb

Led like a lamb to the slaughter
In silence and shame
There on Your back You carried a world
Of violence and pain
Bleeding, dying, bleeding, dying

It’s a spring picture. Fluffy sweet white lambs in lush green fields… I eat and enjoy meat; it’s convenient to put a gap between the fluffy lamb and Sunday roast dinner… ‘Lamb to the slaughter’ is a graphic image.

Easter tells of a man led to his execution like a ‘Lamb to the slaughter’. Jesus as the sacrificial ‘Lamb of God’, is a repeated picture that runs through the Bible giving added depth and meaning to Jesus’ blood and death.

At break of dawn, poor Mary
Still weeping she came
When through her grief she heard Your voice
Now speaking her name
Mary, Master, Mary, Master!

The Bible narrative begins with tragedy in a garden; here there’s resolution in a garden.

Jesus comes back to life and appears to Mary the woman with a bad reputation, not his inner circle of disciples, men who he would be his leaders and representatives.

He continues his upside-down approach to people. Top of his list is an emotional woman who doesn’t recognise him… but she does recognise him when he calls her name.

At the right hand of the Father
Now seated on high
You have begun Your eternal reign
Of justice and joy
Glory, glory, glory, glory

For some the resurrection of Jesus is hard to accept. Yet it fits in with and makes sense of what Jesus taught… and is a vital jigsaw piece of the whole Biblical narrative

It’s is central to my faith. I don’t understand everything, but it gives meaning and purpose to love, loss, pain, life, suffering and death, and gives me cause for celebration this Easter Sunday morning.

You’re alive, You’re alive
You have risen, Alleluia!
And the power and the glory is given
Alleluia, Jesus, to You

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