A Fresh, New Start

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Yesterday Elspeth was sitting in her dining room. Out of the corner of her eye she saw something gold that seemed to be moving. On the floor was a goldfish that Scampi, the cat, had brought in. Elspeth put the fish in a bowl of water. The fish was still alive!

Guessing that Scampi must have taken the fish from a neighbour’s pond Elspeth went next-door with the fish and it was returned to its pond-home. Following it’s near-death experience the fish was given a fresh, new start.

Yesterday Becca wrote: I’ve been dreaming about becoming a midwife since I was 10 years old. Can’t believe that today I’ve been offered my first job as a qualified midwife in a hospital I really love. Super excited (and a bit scared!!) for this new chapter starting in a few months.

After years of studying and hard work Becca has the job of her dreams. Soon to be not a student, but a qualified midwife. A fresh, new start.

Yesterday was Mike’s funeral. Married to Pauline for 65 years he was a district nurse, well loved by an extensive family and many friends. On Zoom we heard tributes paid to an always-smiling, fun-loving gent who lived life to the full.

Adam, taking the funeral, reminded us that for Mike, with his Christian faith, death is not the end. Mike finished his life weak and sick; he will have a fresh, new start.

Yesterday was our church AGM. Reports about this past year despite Covid restrictions included activities on line, attending to community needs, people serving and working hard, care for individuals, quiet unreported acts of kindness.

Tentative plans were suggested for the church as we come out of lockdown. New opportunities in a different world; fresh understandings of God’s work; a fresh, new start.

…And when I’m tired, frustrated, disillusioned or I’ve messed up, I too need a fresh, new start.  

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