Boris’ Roadmap

In recent months many have enjoyed the Marsh family (see below). Three weeks ago they expressed a feeling shared by many: ‘Once upon a time we could travel abroad, now we barely get in the car. There’s nothing we can do, we’re totally fixed where we are.’

Some of can identify with:  ‘We’re really feeling irate, like bears that never hibernate, forever in a lockdown state…’

We – and the Marsh family – will listen to Boris today. He’ll provide us with a ‘Roadmap’ to get us out of lockdown; we won’t be ‘totally fixed where we are’!

No doubt he’ll tell us the success of the vaccination programme. He’s then expected to spell out the plan for reopening schools, shops, gyms and restaurants; there’ll be information regarding care-home visiting, mixing with families and friends, foreign travel…

Some are cautious, but all welcome the notion of the roadmap.

For our family… Grandchildren will listen for details about schools, exams and universities. Children will listen for implications for Glastonbury and music festivals, football crowds and travel to family in Brazil. We shall be interested in the future for theatres, churches… and Wimbledon this year.

All of us want an end to restrictions on meeting with family and friends… some of us would like a roadmap for future employment and financial security, awaiting surgery and ongoing health needs, negotiating tricky relationship issues…

Reading this morning about the Israelite leader Joshua. After 40 years wandering in the desert they’re about to cross the river Jordan and enter their Promised Land. Their God promises his presence and guidance: ‘Then you will know which way to go, since you have never been this way before.’

Being ‘totally fixed where we are’ is not an option. We need a roadmap for an uncertain, unknown future. Some will look to Boris… others to their God. I’ll look to both; I know who I trust more!

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