Controversy – Midwives and Crème Eggs.

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Musing on two articles…

Julia Rynkiewicz, a Roman Catholic final year midwifery student, was banned from her hospital placement because of her pro-life views and her involvement with a pro-life society. 

A lecturer at the University of Nottingham reported her. She was forced to suspend her studies; she was subject to a four-month fitness-to-practise investigation and faced expulsion from her degree

In ‘an extreme example of student censorship’ Julia received help and support. Her case was reviewed and her suspension was lifted.  She won an apology and settlement from her university.

Julia is now expected to graduate and become a midwife later this year. 

See the source image

There’s a petition complaining about the  advert that includes a gay couple sharing a Cadbury’s Crème Egg while kissing.

The debate includes:

  • The gay kiss is inappropriate, sexually suggestive and offensive.
  • We should be more concerned about adverts that sexualise women. Any explicit sexual content is offensive.
  • How chocolate is grown, how farmers are supported, whether chocolate is fairly traded are bigger issues.
  • The whole nature of advertising exploits children and the vulnerable
  • The commercialisation of Easter is much more serious, devaluing and diverting from Christian significance and celebration
  • …It’s a fuss about nothing…

Random musings…

  • Some hold views based on liberal free choice; others on more conservative values.
  • In a world that promotes diversity and equality, some feel they can’t express sincerely held beliefs.
  • In particular groups certain views are encouraged and celebrated; others are censored or suppressed.
  • Self-righteousness people take the moral high ground and encourage polarised views.
  • Christians use the same scriptures to support or oppose particular points of view…

We need:

  • Strength – forming and holding carefully considered views
  • Openness – debating and wrestling with difficult issues – not ignoring, avoiding or becoming defensive.
  • Listening – deliberately listening to and understanding the sincerely held views of others
  • Variety – using disagreement to enrich, not divide.
  • Humility – accepting the views of others; admitting I may be wrong….  

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