Simpler, Humbler, Bolder

I warm to the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby. In his interviews, statements and sermons he comes across as seeking to lead the Anglican Community in an accessible and practical Christian faith.

On several occasions recently he has been quoted as saying that the church must be ‘simpler, humbler and bolder’. Musing on my life…

Simpler: Technological advances come with ever increasing speed; statistics are thrown at me daily as if numbers prove something; social media has an increasing influence on life; shopping patterns are changing; the border between truth and lies seems less clear…

Life’s increasingly complex; I need a simple framework to my world.

Humbler: I don’t control… can’t control my world. Sickness can strike anyone; death is a reality; financial security can disappear overnight; plans that I make today disappear tomorrow; friends who I relied on can’t meet me; laughter often hides tears…

I’m less important than I think I am or make myself out to be.

Bolder: It’s easy to let life happen around me. I can see injustice and ignore it; I can see others suffering and step back; I can be a passive victim and accept it; I can put off till tomorrow what should be done today; I can expect little and not be disappointed.  

I must be bold to be myself and pursue those things that are important.

Musing… 3 areas where I can be ‘simpler, humbler, bolder.’

  • Feelings – I must stop and recognise what I am feeling; be sensitive to the feelings of those around me; not judge the feelings of others.
  • Family and Friends – I must prioritise family and friends; be proactive in spending time supporting them; enjoy people, especially those close to me.
  • Faith – I must recognise those things, people and the God that I believe in; be humble in recognising my fallibility, but bold in sharing my faith.

Thank you Justin… much to muse on.

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