Prayer Walk

I’ve written before about my links with the Seagull Theatre. As our Christmas pantomime is not going to happen this year we’re producing a walk-about Christmas Pantomime.

Families in socially distanced bubbles will go on a journey around Pakefield. At different points they will arrive at different scenes where actors will act out the next part of the story ….oh yes they will!!!

I’ve also mentioned before that I’m a man of routine. Saturday morning is ‘prayer walk’ morning. In my personal early morning bubble I go on walk-about.

It takes the same route each week – along the beach and then back along the prom. It takes the same form each week – including gratitude, reflection, and prayer.

There’s one stretch of beach where I pray for my family; another stretch of beach where I remember ‘old friends’ who I did my teacher training with…

I pass a church where I stop; the church reminds me to pray for several ministers I know and have known. I pass a care home; I have some friends in care – I remember them. I pass a school; there are certain young people that I pray for.

There are three places I sit down to pray (dry benches permitting!). ‘The Thatch’ is a café on the sea front; I sit and remember those I drink coffee with. ‘The Jolly Sailors’ is where I stop to remember those that I share a pint with.

And on ‘Kathryn Rivett’s Bench’ I sit and remember those who are bereaved. That was particularly poignant this morning as yesterday, by the miracle of Zoom, we attended the funeral of Stephanie, my sister-in-law.

This is perhaps the most important part of my week. I’m not saying everybody should do it – but it works for me. And it helps me keep the balance between sanity and pantomime.

One thought on “Prayer Walk

  1. Hi Malcolm

    Just wanted to say I appreciated your musing today. It challenged me to be more disciplined in my reflection and prayer. Thank you. I envy you the beach, but MK is surprisingly full of green leafy spaces and my dog walking time could be put to Greater use….

    I also wanted to say I hope Stephanie’s funeral went Ok yesterday. I have had cause to attend a couple online these last weeks – one for a neighbour and one for a former work colleague, both sudden deaths and neither connected with Covid. I’m guessing you might have the same sense I had – of it being “good” to have been able to be there virtually (rather than not at all) yet a rather strange and surreal experience. My prayers for Bryan’s and your families continue.

    Hope the pantomime goes well!



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