My Escape Route

We’re faced with constant bad news – deaths, infection rates, lockdown… Friends with significant health scares, ongoing court cases, family breakdown…. Disappointment, anxiety, depression… I’m musing on a 4 step escape route…

1. Positive: I focus on good news.

Footballer Marcus Rashford championing free dinners for needy children; the young paramedic on ‘Ambulance’ (see yesterday) speaking positively on how his testicular cancer had made him value family and learn empathy…

I look at things I’m grateful for – sun, sea, flowers, good health… I remember people who have supported me, good memories, happy times… I appreciate those who make my life richer and more enjoyable now.

2. Power: I believe in a power that is greater than me.

My friends in Alcoholics Anonymous talk of this power that is greater than our fears, addictions and worst nightmares, and can restore us to sanity.

I acknowledge my spirituality; I don’t have to be restricted by what I can achieve on my own. There is a power, bigger than my weaknesses, that can give me purpose, and peace.

3. Prayer: A song I’ve often returned to recently:

I pray You’ll be our eyes
And watch us where we go
And help us to be wise
In times when we don’t know
Let this be our prayer
When we lose our way
Lead us to the place
Guide us with Your grace
To the place where we’ll be safe

Through prayer I communicate with the power that is greater than me; this power can bring wisdom, guidance and safety.

4. Person: My Christian faith points a person.

Musing on the end of Galatians 2:

  • Law: Rules and expectations, set by friends, culture, religion – and myself – make me a failure
  • Life: I receive and understand life through Jesus who lives in me and with me
  • Love: Through him I receive, understand and live out a giving love.

…In recent months I have enjoyed Mat and Savanna Shaw; I attach their version of ‘The Prayer’

4 thoughts on “My Escape Route

  1. My favourite version of that song, which has become a real favourite during the last few weeks and months. Thanks again for your ‘musings’ Always thought provoking and encouraging!


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