Rain, Projectors, Glasses and Boxes

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It’s chucking it down with rain this morning. My Grandmother would never let us complain about the weather. ‘This is the day the Lord has made’, she’d say, quoting Psalm 118. ‘We should rejoice and be glad in it.’

I’ve returned to my last two musings… This is my grandson dancing in the rain. It’s a skill I need to get better at – whatever personal storms are around.


I’m increasingly aware of how often people project their own feelings onto everyone else. Comments like, ‘We all feel anxious, don’t we?’ or ‘This is a terrible time we are going through, isn’t it?’ I want to shout back ‘No!’

That isn’t to belittle feelings of anxiety, frustration or disorientation; many are finding life tough. But to assume that all feel the same, can promote fear and makes it worse.


There’s the picture of the pint glass; many pessimists see it half empty. I suggest that not only do we see it as half full, but that we pour the water, lemonade or beer into a half pint glass. Then our glass is full.


Those who seek to be optimists are encouraged to ‘think outside the box’. Unrestricted by the confines of said box we are to be creative and think in new ways. Jack-in-the-box who has lived his life only seeing the inside of his box, springs out to see the world outside for the first time. Great!

This morning I want to throw away the flippin’ box…


Those of us who claim to have a Christian faith are very good at trotting out positive quotes about a God who can do ‘immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine,’ or ‘The peace of God which transcends all understanding’.

I’m musing again on the importance of understanding, experiencing and living out this positive faith…

One thought on “Rain, Projectors, Glasses and Boxes

  1. Ah yes …

    This is my grandson dancing in the rain. It’s a skill I need to get better at –

    Now I wonder if that might be line dancing or ballroom or ballet or … or …?

    Well all I can say is, “Practice makes perfect”.

    And, “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today”.

    And the attached may (or may not) be of interest. Parts relate to your Rain blog. My latest offering for the church blog


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