Believe, Belong, Behave

Those who go round in Christian circles may have heard the three point sermon: ‘Believe, Belong, Behave’. Variations on it have been around for longer than I have. Musing on today’s world…


Our political beliefs are challenged: Boris’ handling of coronavirus, current developments with Brexit, the United States election… and a host of global issues.

Our beliefs in society are challenged: the role of National Health, Education and Police services; local employment and national economy; balancing life with livelihood.

Our belief in God is challenged: with global pandemic, local sickness, growing unemployment and national lockdown we muse further on the nature and influence of God…


Many are focusing on belonging to their families, expressing their love and support for each other with new restrictions…

Belonging to a group of colleagues at work or students in a classroom; belonging to social groups – at the gym, in the pub, the knitting circle, the chess club… their importance is seen in new light

And for those of us who do church; belonging is certainly different now from a year ago.


What we believe and where we belong expresses itself in how we behave in our homes and in the wider community.

We are still faced with choices between selfish activity or self-less service; engaging in active enjoyment or passive rest. We can still discover new ways for giving and receiving.

With the raised awareness of the spread of viral infection… our behaviour either infects and contaminates or has a positive influence those around us.

Beyond me:

In all the change and confusions I have no new insights or inspirations, just an awareness that I still need clear belief that has honesty and integrity, a sense of belonging that gives me identity and security, and daily behaviour that promotes love, joy and peace.

It seems worth a muse – whatever circles you go round in.

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