Welcome to my World

The Seagull Theatre, the local community theatre that I have been involved with for the last 30 years, yesterday received a grant for over £86,000. There was much rejoicing. We can afford to have our roof repaired and keep going well into 2021.

Many of the other conversations I had through the rest of the day were less cheerful. Anxieties about surgery, medication, hospital visits, personal and family worries and crises…

Such contrasts! I remembered Jim Reeves (who?!) singing: ‘Welcome to my World, won’t you come on in…’ How different everybody’s world is!

Boris was receiving advice from the experts and making decisions that will affect the lives, livelihoods and liberties of millions… and then he goes home to his fiancée and young son… welcome to his world.

The news then reflected a variety of contrasting worlds:

  • Mayors of Manchester and Liverpool concerned about their cities.
  • Pub owners fearing for their businesses; employees fearing for their jobs.
  • Craig putting up Christmas decorations in his restaurant to ‘spread festive cheer’.
  • Patients discovering that their surgery has been delayed.
  • Students fined £10,000 for having a party.
  • A new chocolate shop opening in Sheringham.
  • Matt, the player/manager of a local football team, coming out as being gay.
  • Headteachers struggling to run their schools; students sitting their exams later….

Welcome to their world!

Musing on these different worlds:

  • Share: Share your world with other people; don’t stay alone. Share the worlds of others – learn to empathise better as you enter their worlds
  • Shine: Be a positive influence in the worlds of those around you. ‘This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine!’…
  • Shout: Don’t keep problems to yourself. Share needs; speak out for the needy, the suffering, the disadvantaged…

Musing on Paul’s advice: ‘Be wise about what is good, and innocent about what is evil’. (Romans16:19)

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