Lessons in Faith

  • Discovery

From early childhood I attended a green, corrugated-iron church. It was an important part of my life for 18 years, my second home, my family. My life of faith started there; I was well taught in what I discovered was called a ‘Brethren Assembly’.

  • Difference

I left home and met different Christians – ‘Anglicans’, ‘Pentecostals’, ‘Methodists’ ‘Baptists’… I was arrogant, knowing I was right. I heard a respected Anglican, John Stott, explaining why he believed in baptising babies. It was a significant step in me respecting differences.

  • Depth

We were married, worshiping in a Baptist Church. We attended Lent ecumenical home groups. In our group were two Catholic nuns. My prejudice and ignorance suggested that I would disagree with them. I saw in them a depth, an example and an understanding of faith that impressed me…

  • Dialogue

I taught children from a Mormon family; Dad ran a popular karate club in our school hall. I ‘knew’ why Mormons were ‘wrong’… We often talked about faith, agreeing on more than we disagreed. I learnt a lot about the importance of family, all-aged Sunday Schools…

  • Determination

Jehovah’s Witnesses knocked at our front door. It was a newly-married young couple; the man worked four days a week, giving the fifth day to serve his church. They talked naturally about their determination to build a life that was true to their faith.

  • Dedication

I’ve taught Muslim children; I got to know their parents. I’ve worked with several good, delightful Muslims. I may disagree with Muslims on some areas of faith; I can only be inspired by their dedication, teaching their children in their faith, praying five times a day…

My experiences with those with faith that is different from mine keeps me humble. It reveals inconsistencies in my own faith and reminds me that everybody has something to teach me…

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