The Friend – Sea Watching Game


This week we’ve been on holiday in North Norfolk. Apologies if you don’t know that beautiful part of England….

Last Saturday we were home in Lowestoft. The sea was grey and grumpy. It was just like many friends – grey and grumpy.

Sunday we were in Brancaster. There were strong winds and angry waves. Some strong friends are angry about political decisions that lead to injustice or suffering; some are just angry.

Monday we visited Hunstanton. I was entertained to be facing West on the East Coast. The sun shone and set over the sea that reminded us of good friends – bright, calm and gentle.

Tuesday we were in Tichwell. I have never seen so many birds on the shore line – gulls, oyster catchers, sanderlings, godwits… All were welcome, all were fed. Some friends just seem to attract, welcoming and giving; all benefit.

Wednesday we visited Pensthorpe, an inland nature reserve. The sea was distant but still there. I remembered friends, distant, temporarily forgotten, but still there…

Thursday we went to Blakeney. We walked for miles and still did not see the sea that was close but out of sight. Lots of friends live close; but we don’t see them. They are still there and appreciated.

Friday we went to Wells. We saw the sea; it was beautiful but far away. And I remember the friends that are visible but distant.

I amuse myself by playing the light-hearted unspiritual game of placing friends into the different categories. I invent some more.

I pick up the mirror and look at myself, musing on what sort of friend I am; which category would I be put into by those who would call me a friend. And I pause to muse on the instruction left by Jesus to ‘Love one another’ that is so simple, yet so profound.

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