Seek, Listen, Hear

Today’s a day of prayer and fasting for our church. With no services and activities for 6 months now; what’s our future?

Some are anxious, needing to feel safe and be safe, protecting the vulnerable. We must consider PPE, government and denominational guidelines…

Some want things to return ‘to normal’, really missing ‘church’ – whether their priority is singing, learning, meeting, sharing, serving…

Some aspire to ‘blue sky thinking’, seeing opportunities, responding to growing community needs. Their God who made the blue sky has no limits in either capability or compassion.

Some think creatively ‘outside the box’. Things must be different. Our ever-changing world is not what it was 6 months ago… we have technology and social media… Their God isn’t confined to boxes…

With sympathy for each of these ‘people-types’ I’m musing on yesterday…

A text: ‘…Mental state – not happy I’m on the edge. I’m breaking. Cried a few times a day. Too many. Not coping.’

Hearing of a woman ‘…received a telephone call from her doctor today with the results of a test… having bloods taken tomorrow and will know more about the way forward from her doctor on Monday… she is concerned about these results…’

Meeting a friend preparing to go in for heart surgery next Friday….

Another text: ‘Samuel has just discovered that he has a cancerous tumour in his head that is growing very quickly. He went into hospital last Sunday with the tumour measuring 5 cm and today it measures 6.2 cm. Samuel is being operated on now…’

…musing on ‘The Plan’ in Acts 9

  • Individuals: The plan was carried out by individuals – Paul, Ananias, Barnabas, Peter, Aeneas, Dorcas,,,
  • Identity: Each individual’s strengths, weaknesses and character were important to the plan.
  • Immediate: There were both big future plans and immediate, present needs
  • Impossible: The plan involved the humanly impossible and a miraculous God!

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