Musing on Musings

I’ve been writing my daily musing for 5 months… 150 musings later it’s time to review… to muse on my musings…


I’ve been more conscious of my ability to listen – listening to the world of Covid 19 and Black Lives Matter; listening in conversations with friends; listening to the ‘still small voice’ that I believe is God.

Listening through spiritual disciplines – daily Bible readings, prayer, Saturday morning prayer walk, ending each day writing 5 things I am grateful for…. Listening so that I have something to say each day.


I have mused on difficult questions; where is God in our coronavirus-world, in the refugee crisis, global warming, pollution, growing unemployment, changing churches?

And yet as I look I see God working in the ordinary, the everyday, the person I meet, the unexpected situation. And the more I look, the more I see, and the stronger my faith.


By listening and looking I continue to learn. I am an active participant in this life of mine, engaging with people, situations, joyful, loving, sad, problematic…Everybody has something to teach me; every day there are lessons for me to learn.

….musing this morning on Jesus’ resurrection appearance to his disciples (John 21)

  • Public – his previous appearance had been behind closed doors; here he’s out in the open – on the sea shore – for all to see
  • Practical – Jesus is with his disciples, present in daily activity, in a work situation, at mealtimes, in the ordinary everyday stuff.
  • Provider – Jesus provides food for their physical needs, advice for their work needs, reassurance for their personal needs.
  • Pictures – Sea, boats, fire, fish, bread… ongoing Biblical symbolism… ‘I will make you fishers of men’; ‘I am the bread of life’; ‘This is my body broken for you…’

…Reading a familiar story; continuing to listen, look and learn…

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