The Bits You Can’t See

Yesterday I saw this diagram. I mused on illustrations of ‘the bits you can’t see’….

  • The iceberg – see above, and remember the Titanic.
  • The tree’s roots – keeping the tree healthy and stable.
  • A house’s foundations – deep or non-existent, built on rock or on sand.
  • My heart – I have never seen my heart: I believe it’s there and feel its effect.
  • The duck on the lake – appearing calm but feet paddling frantically under the surface.
  • The wind – you can’t see it, but you can feel its power.
  • Sea currents and tides – invisible but hazardous to the swimmer or canoeist.
  • The car engine –getting into a car you assume it’s there and depend in it working.

Many illustrations with many ‘unseen’ applications

  • Physical illness – the cancer, heart condition, diabetes…
  • Mental illness – depression, addiction, bi-polar disorder, dementia…
  • Abuse – mental, sexual, physical, emotional…
  • Character – dedication, discipline, courage, loyalty, reliability…
  • Inner resources – our ability to survive, cope, make the best of life…
  • Spiritual characteristics – love, joy, peace, patience…
  • Beliefs – religious and moral roots/foundations…

Musing on Jesus words to his friends (John 14:1-7)

  • Troubled – Trouble is unseen: trouble can be personal, it can involve our family or those close to us, making us feel lonely or fearful: Jesus says, ‘Don’t be troubled.’
  • Trust – Trust is unseen: We have to decide who we trust – self, friends, church, politicians…: Jesus says, ‘Trust in God, trust in me.’
  • Travelling – Our journey is unseen: as we travel through life our future is unseen: death and what follows it is also unseen: Jesus says ‘I am the way.’
  • Truth – Truth is unseen: we have to negotiate relative and absolute truth about life, people, beliefs, survival: Jesus says ‘I am the truth.’

We assess and often judge by what we see. Appearance is everything. The material, the physical is immediate. Reality is deeper. The bits you can’t see are more important.

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