God, Beer, People and Surprises

Then one sunny day
I saw the old man’s face
Front page obituary
He was a millionaire
He left his fortune to
Some guy he barely knew
His kids were mad as hell
But me, I’m doing well

God is great
Beer is good
And people are crazy

Unexpected ending: The old man was a millionaire and left his money to the young man he met at the bar.

Good stories have unexpected endings – the ‘whodunit’ mystery, the love story… the Biblical narrative: Abraham has an alternative sacrifice to his son Isaac; Joseph, sold to slavery, becomes Egyptian prime minister; Esther saves her people from genocide…. the executed Jesus comes back to life.

God is great: Many see hypocrisy or moral failure in the church and its leaders; some have left churches – treated badly or let down. We miss the point. We can still say ‘God is great’.

Church communities get caught up in church politics, activities and organisation; debating women in ministry or gay marriage; worrying about if and when churches will open again. They lose focus: God is great.

Beer is good: I have huge respect for recovering addict friends who count their days of sobriety; I understand those who don’t drink through habit, conviction or personal taste.

For me… many things – eating food, spending money, enjoying sex, caring for your body… drinking beer… are good in moderation in the right context; abused they can become destructive and addictive. Beer is good.

People are Crazy: Some people are psychologically crazy. Mental ill-health conditions affect so many with sad effects on them and their families. We read of Jesus speaking to, understanding and healing the mentally and spiritually sick.

And some are just crazy because they are different – eccentric, quirky, ‘unusual’… The same Jesus has time for the individual, the ‘one off’, the infuriating… People are crazy.

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