Eye Surgery

Last week Alice sent me an email:

“I was scheduled for surgery at 1.00 pm…  Mr Menon called me into his room to check the eye before the procedure.  As I sat down in front of the machine I said to him, “Well I’ve surgery in this theatre 6 times and this will be the 7th but it’s a good Biblical number so all will go well.”

He then looked at me and said “Are you a Believer?” to which I replied, “Yes I have a faith.”  He said, “So am I.”  We then spent the next five minutes talking about how he came to faith.  He was bought up in a Hindu home… in 2006 he and his wife attended an Alpha course after which they were baptised.  I said that at every appointment I have had with him I have prayed that my great Physician would help him. 

Alice’s faith is part of her life in everything she does. Apparently chance meetings, random conversations, hospital appointments are all part of her daily walk with God.

“…Mr Menon then checked the eye and seemed a bit surprised and decided to check the pressure. Whereas on Monday it was 33, today it was 22 (it should 10 – 12).  He wondered if the machine was accurate so decided to calibrate it and try again and this time it was 19.  He decided I didn’t need surgery today!… It is mind blowing how God has worked…

Musing on John 9:13-23

  • Sight – Jesus, ‘Light of the World’ (Ch8), has given sight to a blind man
  • Sabbaths, Synagogues – The Pharisees’ problem was their religious expectations
  • Square pegs… – The square peg of the healing miracle didn’t fit into the round hole of their theory and theology.
  • Solution? – Sometimes we have to accept the miraculous or mysterious; maybe we haven’t got it right about God.


Alice is not her real name.

As well as being an ophthalmic consultant Jay Menon is also a musician. I particularly enjoyed these songs:

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